Pro Miniature Painting and Display Boards


Three Colour Tournament Standard (Base coats and shades - no highlights)

Miniatures start at $5 AUD per model. Mounts add $8 per model (cavalry units). Heroes on foot $30 per model. Heroes on mounts, behemoths, monsters, terrain pieces and large base models are $40-$60 each depending on the size.

Three Colour Tournament Standard (Contrast Paints)

Prices as above -20%

Additional Paints/Effects

Add 20% per paint/shade/highlight colour. For example a $5 3-colour minimum model getting edge highlights for each colour add $3 per model.

Kit Assembly

Please provide models already fully assembled for the above paint standards or an assembly fee of 50% RRP for the model/kit will apply.

Premium Paint Job

Use of advanced blending, shading, highlights, OSL etc. This is the 'Box Art' standard. Its not Golden Demon but its a really nice way to show off your heroes or centre-piece models. Typically triple the cost of standard rate. For example a large base hero or mounted hero is $120-$180. Includes advanced basing techniques as well.

We prefer if these models are delivered still on sprue so we can manage painting in sub-assemblies for the best possible finish. No additional charge for assembly with the premium paint standard.


Basic texture and drybrush cost per model:

$2 (up to 32mm)

$5 (32mm-60mm)

$8 (over 60mm)

Advanced texture, flock, technical effects:

$5 (up to 32mm)

$10 (32mm-60mm)

$15 (over 60mm)

Display Boards

There are so many options here that the best idea is to get in touch and talk about what you're after. We can do:

  • Custom built terrain pieces.

  • Removable/modular terrain pieces.

  • Lights.

  • Pre-cut holes for your models.

  • Backdrops.

Basic terrain (hills/rocks) 600mm x 600mm display board starts at $150.


Please ask us for a quote on shipping. None of the above prices include delivery. We are based in Bendigo, Victoria for local pickup.

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