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Commission Display Board #1 - Part 1

I'm building 2 display boards in the lead up to Cancon 2019. This one has been designed for strategy. All 3 main terrain pieces will be removable allowing for tabletop placement and the colour scheme is being kept to a neutral green and brown to suit the client's various armies which have already been based this way.

The board is a standard 2 x 2 size with plenty of room for placing models. The main terrain features are a big hill (which splits into 2 smaller hills for the tabletop) and a forrest piece.

I'm using foam as the base for the mountains with various materials to create a more natural look, while still retaining flat areas to hold models (a requirement of the client). The trees in the forrest are hand made wire armatures with lichen as foliage. I have a range of flocks, gravels and tufts to finish out the details and add in some pathways.

The initial sketch

Hills and wire trees

Some paint and tape

The next step will be to finish wrapping the trees and painting the base coat of the hills. Then I'll start prepping the board and cutting out a base for the forrest section. Stay tuned for more updates!


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