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Commission Display Board #1 - Part 3

A lot of hours went into this bad boy. Check out the photos below. I used a combination of MDF, insulation foam, plaster, wire, lichen, flock, paint, glue, rocks and some gravel.

I'm happy with the blood pool but next time I'll want to use a mixture of blood for the blood god and a water effect resin.

There are a lot of photos here but I wanted to show as many steps as possible. If you want a board like this please get in touch with us.

So we've already got the layout sorted and the hills are formed. Next we need to finish off the forrest and the hills, add some rocks to help the hills maintain position and use paint and basing materials.

Crack filler/plaster compound make it easy to add bumps and small hills to an otherwise flat surface.

Add some brown paint...

Finish off the base coat on the hills and pop them into place.

I used a rotary tool to cut some ripples into the pond.

Red paint!

PVA glue gives the ripples some definition.

At this point I've dry-brushed the rock and started to add other colours to the ground surface. The PVA glue is used to hold down gravel.

I like to use real gravel and rock for larger projects. It saves you having to paint over it.

Next I add my flock and static grasses and any sand or fine gravel mix onto the board. Then I spray it with watered down PVA. Let it dry and do this another 3-4 times to get everything locked in place.

I gave the middle section a light dusting of grit.

The hills get the same treatment.

Finally board and painted army come together!

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