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Display Board #2 - Part 1

While I was working on the hilly forrest display board for the Daughters of Khaine army I was also working on a second board for a Deathrattle army. This was going to be more of a themed board built specifically for displaying a particular set of models.

The concept we went with was a run down village. This viallge would have an old tavern, a watchtower and a tree in a stonework planter with cobblestone throughout.

I also wanted to do an interesting shape so we cut some of the corners off to make a skull shape. To top it off we wanted to place each element to give the impression of a skull when viewed from above.

No doubt there was plenty of work ahead...

This is the floor of the building and includes a decking area beside it. The square holes are there for stumps to go through.

Foam tiles are used to create the stonework look for the chimney.

You can see the watchtower on the right. And if I remember correctly I was also using that cup of coffee to stain the timber along with some washes.

This funky shape is the busted up roof. It'll be shingled with foam tiles.

I carved a wood grain into the surface of the walls and added more sticks to the outside for some texture.

Roof painted and stairs added.

In the next update we'll add railings and start to set out the cobblestone for the village.

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